eeColor 3D LUT Box Setup Instructions & Workflow Guide For Color Accurate Display Calibration

The is a color correction processor that works with 65^3 LUTs which contain 274,625 correction points. For a full overview of the features & specifications or to please visit our .

Package Contents and Manual

The eeColor package contains:

  • eeColor 3D LUT box
  • remote control (battery type CR2025)
  • 12V DC Universal Power Supply

For more information, you can download the eeColor user guide & manual here.

Remote Control Operation

It is very important to note that the remote control has no effect until you connect a HDMI cable with an active signal to the eeColor LUT box ! So you cannot switch LUT slots or do any operations via the remote until the box is fed with an active signal. The remote uses battery type CR2025.

eeColor LUT Box Format

The eeColor LUT box does not scale the signal internally and by default works in full range data levels.

To output TV / video levels, the LUT must be videoscaled prior to uploading to the eeColor 3D LUT box. has a dedicated option that you select after you have created your calibration LUT, and then simply export the videoscaled LUT to the eeColor format.

Uploading 3D LUTs to the eeColor 3D LUT Box

Once you have created your calibration LUT(s), you then need to upload the LUT(s) to the eeColor LUT box. Some applications can directly access the eeColor LUT box and upload the LUT(s), but in most cases the LUT(s) need to be manually uploaded to the eeColor LUT box.

The Truvue software is a control application for the eeColor 3D LUT box to manually upload LUTs, replace existing LUTs, and/or reset the box settings to default. Follow these steps to upload LUTs to the eeColor box:

  1. Install the Truvue application on your Windows computer.
  2. Use an USB 2.0 port and a USB cable to connect your computer to the eeColor box.
  3. If you experience connection problems and/or connection loss, use a shorter USB cable.
  4. During installation, the Truvue software places 6 eeColor preset LUTs in this directory on your computer:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Entertainment Experience LLC\TruVue eeColor Application\Data\3dtable\standard nonrgb led\General Media

    Every time the Truvue app uploads LUTs to the eeColor box it will always upload all 6 LUTs inside this directory to the box. You cannot upload just a single LUT, the software will always upload all 6 LUTs inside this directory.

    The LUTs have to be named: "3DLUT_1.txt", 3DLUT_2.txt", "3DLUT_3.txt", 3DLUT_4.txt", "3DLUT_5.txt", 3DLUT_6.txt" - the name of the LUTs correspond with the 6 internal LUT memories, so "3DLUT_1.txt" will always be uploaded to LUT memory 1.
  5. Backup the existing preset default LUTs in the directory stated above to keep a copy of them.
  6. Copy your new 3D LUT(s) to this directory and rename them as needed to match the existing naming convention (see above), replacing the existing LUT(s) as needed. It is suggested to keep one LUT (LUT 1 or LUT 6 for example) as a Unity LUT (a LUT that does not change or alter the image) to use to compare the image before/after calibration.

    You can very easily create an Unity LUT in by simply creating a new LUT and exporting it to the eeColor format.
  7. Ensure you have 6 LUTs in the directory, that are named correctly (see above).
  8. Startup the TruVue eeColor application on your computer and select "Start Download".
  9. Select display type of "Standard Non-RGB LED Display" and "General Media".
  10. Tick just the "eeColor 3D Tables" box.
  11. Start the upload process and wait for the process to complete. This will usually take a few minutes.
  12. When done, use the remote control to switch to the LUT memory of your calibration LUT to see the color calibrated image.

Reset eeColor 3D LUT Box to Default Settings

In case the eeColor LUT box does not respond to the remote control anymore, follow these steps:

  • Check that you are feeding an active signal to the LUT box. The remote has no effect until an active signal is fed to the box.
  • Ensure that the batteries inside the remote control are still good. If not, replace with battery type CR2025.

If the box is still not responding, you may have a corrupted LUT stuck inside one of the memory slots. You can reset the LUT box to default settings by either:

  • re-upload all your known good LUTs to the eeColor LUT box


  • alternatively upload 6 unity LUTs to the box to ensure none of the LUTs are corrupt


  • Start the TruVue eeColor Application.
  • Select "Start Download".
  • Select "Calibration" and "Unity".
  • Check both the "eeColor 3D Tables" and "Calibration Tables" and select both "Default" radio buttons.
  • Start the download process and wait for the process to complete.

Check the box is now set to unity by comparing images through the box with the LUTs on and off.

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