Professional Display Calibration Services in Los Angeles & SoCal

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Areas Serviced

DCT provides professional display calibration services in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Calibration Services

We service commercial facilities (post-production, agencies, film studios, etc), individuals (colorist, DIT, camera operator, DoP, graphic artist, animator, photographer etc), educational institutions as well as home theater environments, ensuring your displays perform to the highest industry reference standards.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible calibration for a given display source, our calibration workflows always profile the entire signal chain, which ensures that all hardware and software components are considered and compensated for. Only this approach provides the very best display calibration.

We provide calibration certifications and reports that show your clients that your color room / suite / bay can be trusted for color critical application.

Calibration services include:

    • SDR and HDR calibration (HD, 2K, UHD, 4K, etc)
    • desktop monitor calibration (Sony, FSI, LG, SmallHD, Panasonic, Eizo, Asus, etc)
    • TV calibration (LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic etc)
    • production, post-production and on-camera displays (SmallHD, TVLogic etc)
    • Projector calibration
    • 3D LUT calibration (either loaded into LUT storage or DI app, see below)
    • traditional 3pt/6pt calibration
    • ICC profile based calibration

For 3D LUT calibration, which provides the best calibration results, we cover all possible signal chain scenarios:

  • Post Production / DI Signal Chain
    • All hardware and software components of the actual signal chain, such as:
      • video i/o card
      • GPU
      • LUT storage / processors
      • signal converters
      • software being used for color critical application (Grading, VFX, Edit, etc)
    • will be included in the profiling chain for best calibration results.
  • Home Theater
    • dedicated single chain calibration, such as Blu-ray player output etc
    • multi chain calibration to cover a variety of media sources such as: Blu-ray, DVD, media players, internet streams, DVR etc
  • 3D LUT Formats & Installation
    • we provide any 3D LUT output format required for calibration
    • 3D calibration LUTs can be installed in any LUT processor: LUT box, display LUT (display internal LUT processor), or as monitoring LUTs inside the application (e.g. DaVinci Resolve, Nucoda, Baselight, Nuke, Flame, Fusion, After Effects, Premiere etc)

Probes & Equipment Used

All calibrations are performed by display calibrations experts using high-end, industry reference probes such as instruments from Colorimetry Research: CR100 (colorimeter) and CR300 (2nm, high-end spectroradiometer) as well as Klein K10-A colorimeters.

We use dedicated industry reference software to validate and calibrate 3D LUT, 3pt/6pt and ICC based signal chains. This guarantees the very best results.

In a non-DI signal chain, a dedicated pattern generator will be used for SDR/HDR pattern display and control.

Remote Calibration

Displays can also be shipped to us for calibration (ensure to always include power supply). This is a very popular option for DITs, DPs, ACs to ensure color accurate monitoring on set. We provide various calibrations (darker/brighter) for different vieiwing environmwents at no extra charge that the user/operator then can conveniently switch to. Use the contact form below to receive more information and shipping instructions.

If your display cannot be shipped and you're located outside areas we service, then a fully remote calibration session can be arranged. Please use the contact form below to learn more about this option.

Service Contracts

We offer service agreements that provide continued display calibration services in fixed intervals at reduced costs, guaranteeing your equipment is always performing within spec for each and every project that you deliver. We understand that your clients trust you that your color environment is accurate - all the time, even for last minute projects. Our services ensure that.

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation to evaluate the displays and components currently used in your workflow, and provide advice and insights on what can be expected calibrating your current displays and/or how to further optimize your current setup to achieve accurate color display.

Pricing & Scheduling

For pricing, scheduling, free consultation or any other questions, please use the contact form below and include these details:

    • your location
    • make/model of the displays to be calibrated
    • devices used in the signal chain, e.g. video i/o card, LUT boxes, video processor, Blu-ray/media player etc
    • software used (if applicable), e.g. DaVinci Resolve, Nucoda, Baselight, Nuke, Avid, Premiere, FCP etc
    • how the displays are used: color grade, edit, vfx, camera feed monitor, video village, graphic design, home theater etc

For display calibration jobs that include multiple displays, a discount will be applied.

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