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Professional Display Calibration Services in Los Angeles & SoCal

Areas Serviced

Display Calibration Tools offers professional display calibration services in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Calibration Services

We service post production facilities and individuals as well as home theater environments. Our mission is to deliver the best possible calibration for a given display source, our calibration workflows always profile the entire signal chain, which ensures that all hardware and software components are considered and compensated for. Only this approach provides the very best display calibration.

Calibration services include:

    • 3D LUT calibration
    • traditional 3pt/6pt calibration
    • ICC profile based calibration

For 3D LUT calibration, which provides the best calibration results, we cover all possible signal chain scenarios:

  • Post Production / DI Signal Chain
    • All hardware and software components of the actual signal chain, such as:
      • video i/o card
      • GPU
      • LUT storage / processors
      • signal converters
      • software being used for color critical application (Grading, VFX, Edit, etc)
    • will be included in the profiling chain for best calibration results.
  • Home Theater
    • dedicated single chain calibration, such as Blu-ray player output etc
    • multi chain calibration to cover a variety of media sources such as: Blu-ray, DVD, media players, internet streams, DVR etc
  • Pattern Display Methods
    • closed loop calibration, will be used if direct source control over the pattern display is supported, e.g. DaVinci Resolve etc
    • DIP calibration, this refers to timeline based calibration due to non-direct source control over the pattern display, this is required for apps like Nucoda, Nuke or a dedicated Blu-ray / DVD player signal chain calibration
  • 3D LUT Formats & Installation
    • we provide any 3D LUT output format required for calibration
    • 3D calibration LUTs can be installed in LUT boxes or monitors with internal LUT storage or as direct viewing LUTs inside the application (e.g. DaVinci Resolve, Nucoda, etc)

Probes & Equipment

All calibrations are performed by display calibrations experts using high-end, pro grade probes such as Klein K10-A colorimeters and spectroradiometers from Colorimetry Research.

In a non-DI signal chain, a dedicated pattern generator will be used for pattern display and control.

Calibration Software

For 3D LUT calibration we use in combination with our own internal DCT Premium Tools. This guarantees the very best results.

For ICC based calibration we use and Spaceman in combination with our own internal DCT Premium Tools.

For 3pt/6pt calibration we use a combination of Calman and .


For pricing and quotes please contact us here and provide details of the signal chain that you would like to be calibrated:

    • display type, e.g. LCD, Plasma, OLED etc
    • hardware used, e.g. video i/o card, Blu-ray player, LUT boxes etc
    • software used (if applicable), e.g. DaVinci Resolve, Nucoda, Nuke, Avid, Premiere, FCP etc

For display calibration jobs that include multiple displays, a discount will be applied.