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Lightspace PRO

LightSpace PRO provides professionals accurate calibration of grading displays, and is compatible with all known DI system LUT format, as well as displays and LUT boxes.

LightSpace PRO allows for the profiling and calibration of any display connected to any grading system, and can work with all compatible probes. LightSpace PRO will import and export all LUT formats, and will interface with all LightSpace CMS compatible LUT boxes.

With any version of Lightspace, once you have profiled a display, you can create as many LUT's as you like (from the same profile) targeting any color space including Custom Color Spaces. You do not need to run another profile to create a different calibration target.

Example: you can create a LUT targeting Rec 709 Gamma 2.2, Rec 709 Gamma 2.3, Rec 709 Gamma 2.4 and BT 1886 from the same display profile.


  • LUT Image, LUT Ripping
  • LUT Conversion
  • LUT Import - All Formats
  • LUT Export - All Formats
  • LUT Preview - On Any User Image
  • Colour Spaces - All Standards, plus User Defined
  • Gamma - All Standards, plus Parametric
  • Save Profile Data - plus Import & Export
  • Calibration Interface - All Probes
  • Quick Profiling - All Formats
  • Cube Profiling - All Formats
  • LUT Manipulation - All Features
  • LUT Burn-in & Batch Processing - NO

Probe Support

  • i1 Display 1
  • i1 Display 2
  • i1 Display LT
  • Spyder4
  • Eizo Internal Probe
  • i1 Display Pro OEM
  • i1 Pro & i1 Pro 2
  • Discus
  • Hubble
  • Sencore OTC1000
  • Jeti 1211 & 1201
  • Klein K10 & K10-A
  • CR-100 & CR-250
  • Minolta CA-210
  • Minolta CA-310
  • PR-655 & 670

System Integration

  • Lumagen - All patch generation & 3D LUT capable systems
  • Accupel - For patch generation
  • madVR - For patch generation and LUT upload
  • eeColor - LUT compatible
  • IS-mini - For patch generation and LUT upload
  • BMD Resolve - Patch Generation & LUT Compatible
  • SGO Mistika - Patch Generation & LUT Compatible
  • Assimilate Scratch - Patch Generation & LUT Compatible
  • Eizo - For patch generation and LUT upload
  • NEC - For LUT upload
  • Dolby - For patch generation and LUT upload
  • BON - For patch generation and LUT upload

Color Space Targets

  • ACES
  • ITU-R BT.1886
  • Vision
  • Premier
  • Fuji

Ordering Details

License Key

Light Illusion will contact you within 24-48 hours to provide you download instructions and your personal license code.

Pricing & Discounts

Please note that all prices exclude EU-VAT, which will be added on checkout for European based customers.

Price below includes a discount from the retail software prices.

LightSpace Customer Support

LightSpace comes with an inclusive one year multi-level support contract, including remote training, dedicated discussion forums, direct e-mail and phone communication from Light Illusion. Support beyond one year requires the purchase of an additional year's support contract at a cost of 10% of the original product purchase price.

First level support is via the Light Illusion Discussion Forums. Second level support is via direct e-mail communication.

Standard support response time is within 24 hours of the support request, with the majority of support requests being answered within minutes.

LightSpace Product Upgrades

LightSpace software licences include free software revision updates for all options purchased, for the life of the product.

GBP 1,687.50

If you have any question regarding Lightspace PRO please feel free to contact us.